SVEL Group – 20 years’ design, manufacture, and deliver electrical products: Dry-Type Cast Resin Transformers, Oil-Immersed Transformers, Instrument Transformers, Substations, Reactors, HV Devices, Switchgear Cells and LV Switchgears.
Yekaterinburg, Our Home City
Three production sites and the headquarters are located here. Every day we dig into challenging projects, evolve our designs, implement technologies, come up with new solutions, and push forward the limits.

For 20 years, working our way up, we have gained considerable experience. Somewhere pioneering, sometimes – making errors, but we have learnt our lessons. A high-level service is established. The processes are refined to create practical, reliable, trouble-free, and high-quality equipment. With a pool of loyal customers, SVEL expands into new markets and supplies products to new industries.

We do what we love, and, therefore, work to the best of our abilities.
Over 20 Years We Have Made
  • 2 420

    Oil-Immersed Transformers
  • 20 790

    Dry-type Cast Resin Transformers
  • 146 733

    Instrument Transformers
  • 25 535

  • 1 723

  • 534

  • 7 324

  • 82

    Turn Key Comprehensive Projects
Let us open the photo album to see how it all started and evolved. Happy anniversary, SVEL!
‘HR Department values people most. With this concept in mind, we have been investing into the company personnel for 20 years, and jointly with the line managers, continuously developing our employees. Training and development investments encourage people to expand their skills in related areas, assisting in personal empowerment via ambitious and exiting tasks.

We are extremely proud of each and every one who has brought their efforts into making SVEL stronger and more sustainable. Obviously climbing up the highest mountain, you need to rely on a large and inspired team capable to rejoice the achievements and turning every win into the basis for the next one.’
Oksana Kishko
HR Director
20 Years in Figures
Looking back, we embrace our legacy in the milestones, accomplishments, and breakthroughs, however keep counting our production capacities. These figures race up every year, and it indeed takes our breath away!
  • 26 085

    visits and business trips
  • 2 846

    substations in Russia equipped with SVEL’s products
  • 1 929

    employees in the team of SVEL
  • > 1 750

    students interned at SVEL
  • 630 МВА

    the most powerful transformer we made, so fat (for Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Plant)
  • 337

    factories in Russia with SVEL’s equipment
  • 51

    Hydroelectric Power Plant equipped with SVEL’s transformers
  • 36

    patents in force
  • 16

    Nuclear Power Plants equipped with SVEL’s transformers (8 in Russia, others in India, Türkiye, Bangladesh, Belarus, and Armenia)
  • 7

    Russian Federation trademarks
  • 2

    International trademarks (valid in 20 countries)
‘20 Years, a relatively little time for our industry. Nonetheless, over this time we have achieved the results that world leaders have been achieving for generations.

SVEL Group consistently ranks among the fastest-growing companies, and no external circumstances can throw us off. We have never drifted: while other companies may cut budgets and downsize - we keep growing and genuinely believe that a crisis is a perfect time to evolve.

We have proven our reliability more than once to our employees, partners, customers, and ourselves. We are trusted with numerous critical projects. Today the customer desires complex solutions, and SVEL is the unique company that independently manufactures over 80% of equipment for substations, while we continue to expand the range of our products.

I am positive that 20 Years is only the beginning and each conquered peak will bring us new fascinating horizons.’
Anton Tugolukov
Director, Strategic Partnership

We are proud to share the facts, awards and accolades received from other leaders in the industry, as well as evidenced by the official industry top lists.

List of the RF strategic companies
2021 Best Exporter of High Tech Product
Best Employer Top List, as per hh.ru, the job search website
2021 Best Manufacturer of Transformers, as per Investenergo-22
2021 and 2022 Supplier Top List, in Transformers Category
Best Employer Top List, as per hh.ru, the job search website
2019 and 2018 Best Supplier of Reactors, Fuel and Energy Industry Top List
2017 National Champion Top List among the leading industry companies
2017 Tech Success Top List of fast-growing high tech companies
SVEL Group production sites listed among the key technical tourism sites of Sverdlovsk Region
Compliance with 719 RF Federal Law ‘On Confirming Manufacturing of Industrial Goods within the Territory of the Russian Federation’
Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s award for ‘Contribution to Development of Economy, Promotion of Modern Industrial and Financial Infrastructure’
‘In fact, SVEL is a pioneer in the Russian industrial marketing. We evolve the product marketing, introducing the best global practice and tools, such as dividing into product development, communication, branding, etc.

We continuously track our sales indicators to improve. These strategies ensure the growing sales and strengthen the market positions.

We are determined to work efficiently for the next 20 Years, being confident that by the next anniversary SVEL will celebrate delivery of transformers not only to every company in Russia, but also reach out spreading our wings far beyond.’
Natalia Tabuyeva
Director, Marketing

But all this would not have been possible without the clients and partners of SVEL Group

We thank you for choosing our company as your reliable supplier of electrical equipment!